Absolute Oud Magnificent 7


Indulge in something simple yet elegant with Absolute Oud Magnificent 7.
A desirable men’s fragrance. This charming aroma is made of but few ingredients, though each packs a punch that makes the entire combination something to be respected. The top note of mandarin orange lends the citrus luminosity that’s vibrant, bright and clean. Heady patchouli as the middle note infuses the scent with an earthy, sensual quality that’s still inherently natural and invigorating. Completing the fragrance are base notes of French labdanum, agarwood (oud) and exotic myrrh for a tantalizing, exotic finish that’s intoxicating and pure, a perfect addition to any modern man’s daily regimen.

Absolute Oud Magnificent 7 has been enhanced with brilliant mineral freshness, revealing the full richness of expression of oud.
Absolute Oud Magnificent 7 has raw virility and sensuality that makes a man equally desirable and dangerous.

A resounding disruption for a fragrance of excess, the first to use “oud”, the most dense and diffusive of all woods. Its essence develops a deep unambiguous presence and already contains notes of balm and amber. It merges with myrrh, citrus and cistus to create a warm, intense and fascinating trail. Mandarin gives a top opening and delivers singular vibrancy, whereas a very potent and dense patchouli wood facet provides depth and addictive tenacity.
Top Note: Mandarin Orange
Heart Note: Patchouli
Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Myrrh, Labdanum




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